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Our award-winning video team has 25 years of combined full-service video production experience. We have worked on feature films and documentaries, numerous short films, brand videos, how-to videos, and product videos. Our verticals include tourism, tech, hospitality, mental health, alcohol and other drug, travel, and education industries. 

We have a reputation for effective and enjoyable collaboration with clients, and for developing high-quality creative pieces. We have the agility of producing videos on both small and large scale productions. Over the years our stylistic reputation has become known for producing authentic dynamic videos driven by heart and creativity.


our process



You have a brand to sell or a story to tell. Or you have an idea but unsure how to bring to life. We can help. We are are creative bunch who can help craft the story, create the vision, connect the audience. Creating a video campaign that incorporates other versions or clips that follow the main video gives opportunities to connect with more people in different channels. Collaboration is important at this step and we make sure your ideas are heard.



We take care of all the details to ensure a smooth day of filming. Well executed preproduction makes for a well executed day of filming. Speaking of filming, we are a small team. This allows us to work with small budgets and for larger budgets, we can expand our team with the talented pool of freelancers that are perfect for the job. This flexibility allows for us to keep quality as a constant.


post production

Full service post house that include editing, motion graphics, color correction, sound mixing, and music composition. We’ve created a process that makes the journey as smooth as possible. We set guidelines for you regarding feedback and deadlines to make sure your project is delivered on time.



We can create an award winning video for you but you also need a plan to get it in front of your desired audience. This includes creating optimized versions for social media and creating a budget for advertising for social media. Analytics helps us see how your viewers are engaging with your content and gives us insights to improve your video.


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our people



Julia has been working in film since 2012 when she participated in her first 48 hour film contest. She learned that her 20+ years of experience in management and supervision translated well into the world of producing and in doing so, found her dream job. In her free time, she is an avid canner of award winning jams and jellies and is currently working on mastering the turkish get up. She has a long way to go.


Blake Noble

Blake is half introverted and extroverted. He's a perfectionist and finds it hard to determine what B- work would look like. Driven by making an emotional connection through video to help others is the reason he got into this field. A 3 on the enneagram and really likes symmetry. 





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